Chain Link Collars by Leather Brothers
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Chain Link Collars by Leather Brothers

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Chain Link Collars by Leather Brothers
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Training collars help teach your dog to stop pulling & lunging while on lead
Chrome-plated collars won't tarnish or rust
Choose light, medium, heavy or extra-heavy weight

With proper use and supervision, a chain link collar can be a useful tool for behavioral training. They can help deter pulling and lunging after putting a lead on your dog. Rugged chrome-plated collars will not tarnish or rust. Each collar is offered in several lengths. For correct size, measure around your dog's neck and add 2.5 to 3" over neck size. Please specify length.

Size Lengths
Light 2 mm (3/38")
12" or 14"
Medium 2.5 mm (6/61")
16", 18", or 20"
Heavy 3.5 mm (4/29")
20", 22", 24", or 26"
Dog Collar Selection Guide: There are many styles of dog collars to choose from depending on your dog's size, disposition, and your training need.
Surprisingly, a large number of dog owners who use chain collars on their dogs do not know the most effective way to use them.
Field training aids include collars with up-to-date identification, leads, and check cords. Brightly colored collars help you locate and distinguish between more than one hunting dog while in the field.
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