PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar
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PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™

PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™
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The shock-free solution to nuisance barking
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Dog bark collar corrects barking behavior by emitting a natural citronella spray
The sound, sight, feel, and scent send an unpleasant signal to dog
Correction collar is adjustable to fit neck sizes up to 27"

The PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™ can help you put an end to your dog's nuisance barking. When your dog barks, he receives a mist of spray to disrupt the barking. Your dog will see, hear and smell the mist which will deter him from further barking. The Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar is safe for people, pets and the environment.

System includes: Bark unit, adjustable quick-snap black collar, a can of citronella, and a 6-volt alkaline battery.

For dogs 6 lbs and over. Collar weighs only 60 grams and fits necks up to 27". Use only the Unscented refill or the Citronella Refill Spray intended for use with this unit.

Replacement 6-volt alkaline battery (item 34470) also available.

Please click on "More Information" to read about the collar's features and components, instructions and tips for use, and warranty details.

More Info
The lightweight PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™ includes citronella spray that is used to interrupt your dog's barking. The spray is an disruptive stimulus that your dog hears, sees, and, most importantly, smells. Your dog will quickly learn that when he barks, a spray of citronella follows. The technology is endorsed by leading veterinarians, behaviorists, and dog trainers.


  • 100% safe for dogs, humans, and the environment
  • Unit is water-resistant
  • Handy on/off switch
  • Microphone hole is partially covered to prevent filling accidentally


  • Bark-sensing collar unit with citronella reservoir
  • Citronella spray
  • 6-volt battery
  • Instructional booklet
  • Warranty card

Use of the PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™
This collar should be used whenever you want your dog to remain quiet.

Before You Begin:
Read the product’s owner's manual.

The following tasks must be completed to prepare your new PetSafe® Anti-Bark® Spray Collar™ for operation. Refer to the accompanying owner's manual for detailed instructions for completing each step.

  1. Attach the bark-sensing spray unit to the collar. Do not cover the microphone.
  2. Fill the unit with citronella spray (included).
  3. Insert the battery into the spray unit.
  4. Test the device by blowing into the microphone.
  5. Fit the collar to the dog.
  6. Test the spray by inducing your dog to bark. (DO NOT give a speak command.)

Tips for Use:

  • Before leaving your dog alone the first time with the collar on, it's important to familiarize him with it and to verify it is correctly fitted and working properly.
  • Make sure that the spray unit is fully filled each time you use it.
  • Remove all other collars from your dog while using the spray collar.
  • Remove the battery whenever the collar is not in use.

Please Note: Return of Citronella Spray Anti-bark Collar to Drs. Foster & Smith for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, the product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and should be returned to Premier.

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