Aquarium Kits: JBJ Lighting 24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
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24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand

24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
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24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe and Nano Cube Stand at one great price
High-tech aquarium combined with furniture-like aquarium stand

JBJ LightingPurchase the 24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe and receive a Free Nano Cube Stand. A great deal and a great way to display the high-tech Nano Cube aquarium in style. The larger, 24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe expands possibilities for avid nano reef hobbyists. With more usable space for fish, corals, and other aquarium inhabitants, this larger model features two 36-watt 50/50 compact fluorescent lamps offering 72 total watts or 3 watts of lighting per gallon and 2 built-in LED Nite-Vu Moonlight to illuminate nocturnal behaviors. Measures 18" x 18" x 19-3/4" high. 290 gph. UL-Listed.

The chic, cabinet-style Nano Cube Stand showcases the Nano Cube with clean, contemporary sensibility for a dramatic presentation in any décor. Provides extra storage with functional features including chrome bars for additional support and heavy-duty hinges for secure closure of front door.

24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe measures: 18" x 18" x 19-3/4" high
Nano Cube Stand measures: 18" x 18" x 27-1/2" high

Please click on "More Information" for installation and maintenance instructions.

More Info
The 24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe includes two 36-watt 50/50 compact fluorescent lamps offering 72 total watts or 3 watts of lighting per gallon. Installed with a splashguard lens for bulb and ballast protection. Energy-saving ballast allows for "flicker-free" starts and dependable long-term performance. Provides maximum light output with the least amount of heat production.

This discreet filtration system is hidden to provide maximum space for your aquarium inhabitants. Sponge filter traps detritus and free-floating particulate matter. Activated carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odors. Ceramic Rings and Bio-Balls provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria.

The included submersible pump is rated at 290 gph for water circulation.

Double Fan Cooled Canopy
Heavy-duty ABS canopy can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for cleaning and feeding. Specifically designed for extra heat output with 4 vents and 2 built-in cooling fans to dissipate excess heat. Ensures cooler operation to extend the life of bulbs and ballast. Deluxe Nano Cube features a ventilated reflector.

Installation Instructions: Do NOT allow water contact on any of the electrical components - may cause electrical shock.

Filling the Nano Cube

  • Always dechlorinate tap water before adding into the aquarium.
  • Always fill with room temperature water.
  • Rinse Activated Carbon that is located in the rear filter compartment under the sink for 30 seconds or until water runs clear.
  • Fill the main body of the Nano Cube until water flows through intake grill into the rear filter chamber. Once the rear filter chamber is full, plug in pump power cord into an approved electrical outlet with a fuse or circuit breaker.
  • Once pump is on, water will flow from the rear filter chamber through the directional flow nozzle into the main body of the Nano-Cube. Adjust accordingly to desired flow position.

Turning on Your Lighting System (Daytime)
Your Nano-Cube is pre-installed with a dual illumination system that offers daylight and nightlight illumination.

  1. Connecting the Remote Ballast
    1. Connect the (2) male cables from the canopy to the (2) female cables out from the remote ballast. Align the notched groove and insert until you have a secure fit.
  2. Plug power-cord from the remote ballast into an outlet strip that is properly approved and equipped with a fuse or circuit breaker.
  3. Press the switch located on the remote ballast to "ON" position to turn on compact fluorescent lamps (daytime lamps). This will simultaneously start the dual cooling fans integrated in the canopy.

Turning on Your Lighting System (Nite Lite)
The Nano Cube incorporates the Nite-Vu LED that simulates nocturnal cycles with very dim blue light (nightlight) that casts sparkling rays that shimmer for a more natural light cycle commonly found in nature.

  1. Press the switch located on the remote ballast to "OFF" position and press the switch located on top of the canopy hood to "ON" position to turn on the Nite-Vu LED lighting.
  2. The Nite-Vu LED lighting is dim so as to not disturb the night cycles of fish but just bright enough to watch their nocturnal behaviors. The Nite-Vu LED lighting is best seen when surrounding light is turned off in the room.

Nano Cube Maintenance: Always unplug the pump and lighting power cords before performing any maintenance to prevent damage to the equipment.


  • Rinse out sponge filter (located in the rear of the aquarium) under sink faucet monthly and replace when necessary.
  • Remove and replace activated carbon bag monthly. New bags should be rinsed under sink faucet before installing into filter compartment.
  • Replace bulbs annually.
  • Do NOT clean Ceramic Rings - this may harm beneficial bacteria.


  • Remove circulation pump located in the rear compartment and rinse impeller motor under sink faucet to dislodge debris and particulate matter.


  • Remove screws from the splashguard lens and remove compact fluorescent lamp.
  • Replace with new lamp and install splashguard lens.

Nano Cube Cabinet Stand

  • Stylish Contemporary Stand - Made to fit the Nano Cube. Furniture-quality design that's attractive in any setting.
  • Shelf - Provides added storage.
  • Chrome Bars - Stylish support bars provide added strength plus a clean contemporary look.
  • Small footprint - Takes up only 15" x 15" of space
  • Rounded Front Corners - Echoes Nano Cube design for sleek integrated look. No sharp corners to bump into.
  • Heavy-duty hinges - For secure closure of front door.
Included Hardware
Included Parts
Wood Screws
18 - Wood Screws

4 - Screws for legs
4 - Pole Screws
4 - Shelf Holders
4 - Legs
2 - Hinge Covers
1 - Knob

Setup Instructions

STEP 1: Place the Bottom Panel (H) on the floor with wood screws coming up from beneath the stand. (6 screws)
Step 1
STEP 2: Align the Back Panel (I) with the back row of wood screws on the bottom piece of the stand.
Step 2
STEP 3: Align the Left (J) and Right (K) Panels with the screws located on the bottom piece of the stand. Screw the back piece to the two side pieces from the back of the stand. (4 screws)
Step 3
STEP 4: Place Shelf Holders (D) inside the left and right side of the stand with the flat surface facing upwards.
Step 4
STEP 5: Place the Shelf inside the cabinet on the Shelf Holders.
Step 5
STEP 6: Screw the Top Panel (L) onto the cabinet stand. (6 screws)
Step 6
Step 7: Loosen/unscrew the hinge mounting screw (located on the Right Side Panel) until it is about 80% out.
Step 7
STEP 8: Place the stand on its back. Line up the hinges on the Cabinet Door (M) with the screws on the inside of the right side of the stand.
Step 8
Slide the hinges from the door onto the screws.
Step 8
Tighten up the screws to hold the door hinges in place.
Step 8
STEP 9: Cover up the screws on the hinges using the hinge cover (F).
Step 9
Screws are now covered by end cap.
Step 9
STEP 10: Unscrew the screw from the Knob. (G)
Step 10
Insert the screw through the door from the backside of the door. Screw the Knob onto the screw.
Step 10
STEP 12: Connect the Poles by screwing them from the top and bottom of the cabinet stand. (C)
Step 12
Step 12
STEP 13: Screw the Legs (B) to the bottom of the cabinet stand. (E)
Step 13
Step 13
Completed cabinet stand.
Completed Cabinet Stand
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