Aquarium Maintenance and Water Changes: Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer
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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer
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Budget-friendly aquarium water changer
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Budget-friendly aquarium water changer and gravel cleaner
Streamline routine aquarium water changes and vacuuming
Attach to water faucet to use water pressure to clean and fill aquariums

Save money and aquarium aesthetics while saving your back from heavy lifting. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer is priced right and developed to make routine water changes and gravel vacuuming easy and efficient. Attach water changer to water faucet to use water pressure to clean and fill aquariums. Simple operation of valve on sink attachment and gravel tube provides complete water flow control. Enjoy a more complete, thorough cleaning without the spills and the need for lifting heavy buckets of water. Durable plastic construction for corrosion-free use.

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer includes:

  • 11" Gravel Tube with built-in Water Flow Control Valve
  • Multi-connection Faucet Adaptor
  • Water Flow Valve (sink attachment) with adjustable Splash-reducing Guard
  • Flexible Grey Tubing

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

More Info
Directions for Use
Connecting the Water Flow Assembly and Gravel Tube to Hose
  • Unscrew and remove Compression Nut.
  • Slide Compression Nut over end of Flexible Tubing.
  • Push Flexible Tubing over Hose Barb where Compression Nut was removed.
  • Slide Compression Nut back down Flexible Tubing and turn to tighten onto threads behind Hose Barb.
  • Make sure that Compression Nut is securely holding Flexible Tubing in place.

Proper Aquarium Cleaning Tips
Before vacuuming or filling, set the water temperature from the faucet to the same temperatures as the water currently in the aquarium. Adjust the Gravel Tube Valve as you clean so that the gravel is lifted and agitated inside the gravel tube while the amount of dirty water being discarded in the sink is at a minimum. To stop the water flow at any time while either vacuuming or filling, completely close the Gravel Tube Valve.

To Vacuum

  • Attach Water Flow Assembly to the faucet using the Faucet Adaptor.
  • Submerge Gravel Tube in aquarium water.
  • Open Water Flow Assembly Valve and close Gravel Tube Valve.
  • Turn on faucet. Open Gravel Tube Valve to begin vacuuming.

To Fill

  • Close Water Flow Assembly Valve and open Gravel Tube Valve.

Extension Tubing
Easily Attaches to your Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer.

Durable double-ended connector attaches firmly, quickly and easily to the tubing on your Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer. Adds an extra 20 feet of tubing to reach aquarium that may be further away from your sink.

Step 1
Unscrew Compression Nuts from Double-Ended Connector and slide onto Flexing Tubing.

Step 2
Remove Water Flow Assembly or Gravel Tube from your Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer.

Step 3
Firmly push Extension Tubing and existing Water Changer tubing over Hose Barbs on Double-Ended Connector. Slide Compression Nut back down Flexible Tubing and tighten each nut.

Step 4
Reattach Water Flow Assembly of Gravel Tube to free end of tubing and tighten Compression Nut.

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