Aquarium Lighting T-5 Fluorescent Light Tubes: Coralife Actinic Blue HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps
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Coralife Actinic Blue HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps

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Coralife Actinic Blue HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps
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Actinic blue T5 HO fluorescent lamp for marine reef aquariums
Provides aquariums with actinic blue light that peaks at 420nm
Promotes photosynthesis and causes aquarium corals to fluoresce

Budget-friendly lamps provide vital lighting conditions for reef aquarium inhabitants. Coralife Actinic Bluelight HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps emit actinic blue light peaking at 420 nanometers to promote photosynthesis. Recreates the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk and in deeper water. As an added benefit, actinic blue light causes coral fluorescence that showcases beautiful glowing colors not seen under daytime light conditions. High lumen output T5 fluorescent lamps provide significantly more light than conventional fluorescent lamps. Coralife Actinic Bluelight HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps measure only 5/8" in diameter. Suitable for saltwater marine aquariums housing fish or corals.

Use T-5 tubes with compatible T-5 light fixtures with high output electronic ballasts to help increase efficiency and tube life.

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Introduction to T-5 Fluorescent Lighting
Unbelievable brilliance, tiny size - the most advanced fluorescent lighting available.

Economical aquarium lighting takes an exciting step forward with the introduction of the latest in fluorescent lighting technology. The T-5 HO (high output) lamp is only 5/8" in diameter. These thin tubes produce almost twice the light output of standard fluorescent tubes. In addition to their brightness, you can fit more of these slim tubes into the same amount of space. This means more light in less space. T-5 tubes are an economical, high light output option for both fresh and saltwater applications.

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