Aquarium Chemical Filtration Media: Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite Chemical Filter Media
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Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite

Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite
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5 oz Chemi-Pure & 6.5 oz Chemi-Pure Elite - great for nano aquariums
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Multi-purpose chemical filter media removes dissolved organics and other harmful compounds
Enjoy sparkling water and maintain a perfect pH in any aquarium
Lasts 4 - 6 times longer than average carbon

Enjoy superior water quality for a healthier aquarium inhabitants. Works equally well in marine or freshwater aquariums to remove heavy metals, copper, phenol, ammonia, and other nitrogenous waste. Helps keep pH at a consistently safe range and your water sparkling clear. Fantastic for use with African Cichlids and Discus. Chemi-Pure Elite adds ferric oxide to the original Chemi-Pure formula to also remove phosphates and silicates, making it the only complete choice for filtering any kind of aquarium. Each pre-bagged 5 oz Chemi-Pure or 6.5 oz Chemi-Pure Elite treats up to 20 gallons; 10 oz Chemi-Pure or 11.74 oz Chemi-Pure Elite unit treats up to 50 gallons. Each extra large 40 oz Grande or 46.96 Grande Elite nylon bags treat 175-200 gallons. Remains active 4-6 months.

Tips from our Techs
Many of our customers enjoy fewer necessary water changes when they use Chemi-Pure. Its ability to sustain and stabilize high water quality over longer periods makes it quite popular with discus and reef keepers.

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More Info
Use 1 package for aquariums up to 40-50 gallons, 2 packages for 40- to 100-gallon aquariums. Aquariums above 100 gallons require 2 packages plus one package for every additional 25 gallons.

Keep Chemi-Pure package sealed until ready for use. Be sure to place Chemi-Pure in an area of your filter that is large enough to accept the amount needed. Use the formula supplied to figure the amount of Chemi-Pure you need. Do not divide packages under any circumstances.

Do not open filter bag. Remove by turning bottle upside down and shaking. Rinse lightly and place bag in filter and flatten out as much as possible. Any area not filled by the bag should be packed evenly with glass or Dacron filter wool and then place a thin layer of the same over bag. Change wool and rinse off bag when flow-through filter decreases.

Ratings & Reviews
Mechanical filtration can greatly improve the health of most aquariums, and is also important for the efficiency of your biological filtration. The process is simple: mechanical media strains solid debris.
Biological filtration is the action of bacteria breaking down dangerous ammonia, converting it to nitrite, and then converting nitrite to less toxic nitrate. This article discusses how the process works.
While most aquarists agree biological filtration is imperative for your aquarium's health, not all agree that mechanical and chemical filtration is absolutely necessary.
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