Aquarium Chemical Filter Media: Fluval Ultragrade Carbon
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Fluval Ultragrade Carbon

Fluval Ultragrade Carbon
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Carbon filters help remove odors and discoloration from your aquarium water
Will not raise phosphate levels
For freshwater and marine aquariums

FluvalFluval Ultragrade Carbon is ideally suited as a fine water scrub and is best placed in the lowest or middle modules. By placing before any biologically specific media, it will strain and adsorb tiny particles, dissolved impurities and remove dyes, medications, and odors. Place the carbon in a filter bag or place a thin polyester padding over the grid to prevent falling through as Ultragrade Carbon is smaller than the Fluval Module bottom grid. Change carbon monthly. Rinse before use.

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use and maintenance.

More Info
Directions: Rinse thoroughly before use to remove fine dust due to handling. Place directly into chamber or nylon filter bag. When using in Fluval Canister Filters, Carbon must be in nylon filter bag.

Maintenance: Monthly change is recommended. Do not replace all filter media simultaneously. Stagger media replacement to ensure constant bacterial populations.

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