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AquaFX Booster Pump

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AquaFX Booster Pump
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Budget-friendly pump boosts RO water production for aquarium use
Increase tap water line pressure to improve efficiency of an RO unit
High pressure allows RO membrane to effectively remove dissolved solids

AquaFXKeep reverse osmosis (RO) water production at its peak for greater savings. The budget-friendly AquaFX Booster Pump lets you get the most out of your RO unit by adding up to 50 psi to your line pressure! When RO systems experience low water pressure, the removal rate of total dissolved solids (TDS) diminishes. The result is product water of poor quality OR the RO unit may not produce any water at all.

The AquaFX Booster Pump is a great choice for aquarists that need to increase water line pressure to operational levels (above 35psi). AquaFX Booster Pump is also great for aquarium hobbyists wishing to optimize the overall performance of their RO/DI system. Efficient TDS removal by the RO membrane reduces wear on the final stage deionization (DI) filter. Special hydraulics allows AquaFX Booster Pump to be mounted in any position. Pump handles upward of 100 gallons per day with a positive line pressure feed to the pump of at least 20psi.

Specifications: 24V DC and includes an 115VAC power transformer and 1/4" FNPT pressure switch. Weighs 6 lbs.

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Downloadable AquaFX Booster Pump Set-Up Diagram PDF.
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