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Prevue Tall Economy Flight Cage

Prevue Tall Economy Flight Cage
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Perfect flight cage alternative for small birds such as finches
Easy-clean features include plastic base and pull-our grill
2 large front doors allow easy access to pets

Made in the USA

All the features you expect in a great flight cage alternative for small birds such as canaries and other finches - at a money saving price! Smartly-designed tall cage features two large 11" x 11" hinged front doors with hook closures for easy access to the cage interior. Each door has an inner slide-up door. In addition, two feeder doors allow convenient access to included food and water cups. Includes 4 cage-wide perches. Removable grill and pull-out bottom tray keeps routine cleaning and changing of bird cage liners simple.

1/2" wire spacing.

Includes: 2 plastic cups (approx. 3/4 cup capacity) and 4 wooden perches (1/2" diameter).

Please select: Black Wire with Brown Base or White Wire with Blue Base.

Outside dimensions
Inside dimensions
Bar Spacing
26" x 14" x 26" high
25" x 12" x 34" high

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Please use Cage Catcher Liner #73114 for this cage (fold to fit).

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Care: Your bird's overall health depends on the cleanliness of his cage. To minimize the time it takes to clean and maintain your bird's surroundings, develop a cleaning schedule, in which tasks are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly undertakings.

Replace cage liners.
Wipe away any dried-on food or waste.
Clean and replenish the food, treat, and water dishes.

Clean as you would daily, plus thoroughly clean perches, toys, and accessories.

The entire cage should be cleaned at least once a month. To do so, simply remove bird toys, perches, cups, bottom grill, and your bird from cage. Slide out tray and remove bottom grill. Wash these two items in soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Wash all wire surfaces and plastic base with a nontoxic bird cleaner (such as Poop-Off Spray & Wipes #814003) or soap/water solution. Rinse and dry thoroughly before adding back cage accessories, tray, grill, and your pet.

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A flight cage is a unique, beautiful and distinctive focal point in any home or office. Owners derive great enjoyment from watching their birds in flight. And, at the same time, their birds enjoy many health-related benefits.
Your bird's cage should be large enough for her to sit comfortably and move freely within it and spread her wings. The cage bars should be appropriately sized to prevent escape or injury.
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