Winter Pond Aeration & De-icers: Tetra Pond Floating De-Icer
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TetraPond Floating Pond De-Icer

TetraPond Floating De-Icer
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Faux stone pond de-icer
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Natural looking faux stone pond de-icer
Thermostatically-controlled pond de-icer keeps an opening in the ice
Allows proper gas exchange to help ensure winter survival of pond fish

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Decorative faux stone housing conceals an energy-efficient, thermostatically controlled pond de-icer. Turns on automatically to keep a small area of your pond free of ice so harmful gasses can escape from the opening. Helps ensure winter survival for goldfish, koi, and other hardy pond fish. Effective to minus 20°F. 300 watts. Measures 10-1/2" x 5-1/2". 15 foot cord. UL-Listed.

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More Info
The de-icer should be placed at the northwest corner of the pond, up against the liner. In large or deep ponds, place unit in the shallowest part of the pond, preferably near a bank.

Use 1 Pond De-Icer for every 150 square feet of pond surface.

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Having an area free of ice is crucial for koi ponds or ponds with fish to allow proper gas exchange. Without an opening in the ice the supply of dissolved oxygen is depleted. Use our de-icer comparison chart to chose the right de-icer for your pond.
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