Power Filter for Small & Desktop Aquariums: Azoo Palm Filter
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Azoo Palm Filter

Azoo Palm Filter
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Compact power filter perfect for small desktop aquariums
Three stage aquarium filtration keeps water crystal clear
Miniature aquarium power filter boasts reliable performance

This compact and powerful filter lets you stretch the capacity of desktop aquariums up to 5 gallons, delivering chemical, mechanical and biological filtration in a mere 3" x 3-1/2" x 5" high unit. Extremely quiet, filters 16 gph using only 4 watts. Replacement filter pads sold separately.

Which aquarium filter is right for you? Today's aquarium filters include undergravel filters, power filters, canister filters, wet/dry filters, and internal filters. Read more to make the smart aquarium filter choice.
Unlike natural aquatic systems, toxic compounds accumulate quickly in an enclosed aquarium system. Without a natural means to efficiently remove these toxic compounds or wastes, conventional aquariums are dependent upon filtration devices.
There are three basic types of aquarium filter media and each performs a different job to help keep a clean and healthy aquarium environment. This article gives a basic overview of the three main types of filter media.
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