Meet Our Equine Models: Stefani's Investment, a Buckskin, Quarter Horse mare
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Meet Our Equine Models: Stefani's Investment

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Meet Our Equine Model: Stefani's Investment
Stefani's InvestmentStefani's Investment, barn name Genie, is a Buckskin, American Quarter Horse. Genie is owned by Internet Content Specialist, Monica Smith at Drs. Foster & Smith. Genie is a wonderful riding partner; calm enough for beginners, yet spunky enough for more advanced pleasure riders. At the age of 21, she's mainly retired to leisurely trail rides, but also enjoys the occasional Pleasure show. Monica acquired Genie 6 years ago during the absence of "Sheba," who was staying with a family friend. Genie succeeded in replacing the "missing piece" and filling the void in Monica's life. Now, both Genie and Sheba share Monica's love and attention.
Stefani's InvestmentStefani's Investment

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