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Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Spray

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Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Spray
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Stop cats' urine spraying, scratching, and anxiety
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What makes Feliway work?
A.  The ingredient in Feliway that makes it work is an analogue (structurally similar) of feline facial pheromones. Pheromones are naturally secreted substances; which help animals of the same species communicate with each other. This ingredient will entice the cat to rub the treated object with its face, depositing its own facial pheromones on the object. Among other things, facial pheromones will usually inhibit urinary marking when applied to a specific area.  

Q.  How often do I need to spray the area that my cat is spraying?
A.  You need to treat areas that your cat is spraying, as well as prominent objects, with Feliway once daily until you observe your cat rubbing his face on the treated objects, depositing his own facial pheromones to the area. Once you observe your cat rubbing the area, maintain the area by treating it once weekly. 

Q.  In a home with many cats, will Feliway stop all of them from spraying?
A.  If used properly, Feliway should control the spraying in a multi-cat household. You should apply Feliway 2-3 times daily to marked spots, and once daily on prominent objects in your home that may attract your cat to spray on them. Doing this should control spraying in your multi-cat household.  

Q.  Should I clean the area to be sprayed before I apply Feliway?
A.  The area should be cleaned with water and a very mild soap before applying Feliway. It is essential that you not use a cleaning agent or disinfectant on the area because this may decrease the effectiveness of Feliway.  

Q.  Some of my cats pick on my other cat; can I spray Feliway on the cat that is being harassed?
A.  Feliway is to be applied on objects in your home that your cat is or may spray on, and should not be sprayed on any animal.  

Q.  Will Feliway stain my furniture or carpet if I spray it on it?
A.  Feliway will not stain most surfaces, but you should always test the area you are planning to use it on in an inconspicuous spot before treating the whole area. 

Q.  Will this remove the smell from my cat’s spray, or just stop it from spraying there in the future?
A.  Feliway is not a deodorant, and will not remove the urine smell left after your cat sprays an area. When used correctly, however, it may help control the spraying.  

Q.  Can I use Feliway to stop my dog from scent marking?
A.  Feliway is manufactured for cats only, because it is made with an analogue of cat facial pheromones. It will not work for dogs.  

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