Pet Waste Removal: Doggie Dooley In-Ground Pet Waste Digester Systems
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Doggie Dooley In-Ground Waste Digester Systems

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Doggie Dooley In-Ground Waste Digester Systems
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Doggie Dooley makes pet waste cleanup easy!
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Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which In-Ground Waste Disposal System is right for me?
A.  There are many factors to consider when deciding on an In-Ground Waste Disposal System. The size and quantity of your dog(s) and the size hole that you want to dig are the main factors.

Q.  How do I keep my Doggie Dooley System from smelling offensive?
A.  A product called the Dooley Fresh Deodorizer Kit was created especially for this purpose. It comes with an 8-ounce spray and application pad to place under the digester lid. This deodorizing kit can also be used anywhere strong odors are a problem.

Q.  What type of stool digester should I use with my Doggie Dooley System?
A.  The Doggie Dooley System comes with the Dooley Waste Terminator which will work fine even if you feed your dog a highly digestible food such as Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba or other premium food.

Q.  What climate can I use a Doggie Dooley System in?
A.  The digester in the Dooley Systems starts working at 40° F and increases in effectiveness as the temperature increases. It will not work when the temperature is lower than 40° F.

Q.  What type of soil is best for a Doggie Dooley System?
A.  The best soil is a soil that has good drainage with little to no clay and /or gravel.

Q.  My soil has a lot of clay, can I dig the hole deeper than it needs to be and add gravel to it?
A.  Digging a deeper hole and adding gravel will not help. Once the area with the gravel is full of digester and digested stool, then it will back up onto your yard.

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Customers Reviews


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