Dog Nutritional Supplements: Drs. Foster & Smith Brewer's Yeast for Dogs
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Brewers Yeast by Drs. Foster & Smith

Drs. Foster & Smith Brewers Yeast
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With Omega-3 & -6 Fatty Acids
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Brewer Yeast?
A.  Brewer's Yeast contains fatty acids to help support and maintain healthy skin.

Q.  What will Brewer's Yeast do for my pet?
A.  Brewer's Yeast assists in control of shedding and promotes healthy skin and haircoat.

Q.  Can Brewer's Yeast be given with other skin supplements?
A.  Yes, we recommend combining Vitacoat with the Brewer's Yeast to leave your pet's coat healthier and give him the extra vitamins he needs to maintain his shine.

Q.  Can I use this product year round?
A.  Brewer's Yeast is totally safe to use all year round. It is formulated from natural sources and contains most of the vitamins your pet needs to maintain healthy skin and coat.  

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