Prozyme Dog Food Nutritional Supplement
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Prozyme?
A.  Prozyme is an all natural combination of four highly purified enzymes in a palatable powder form. Unlike other enzyme formulas, the enzymes in Prozyme are entirely from plants. Prozyme is not a drug.

Q.  What does Prozyme do?
A.  Prozyme initiates the bioconversion of nutrients in animal (in vitro) and then continues this bioconversion in the gastro intestinal tract (in vitro). Thus, a higher bioavailability of food nutrients is the result.

Q.  What should I use Prozyme for?
A.  Use Prozyme as a food supplement to enhance the caloric and nutritional efficiency of food.

Q.  Is Prozyme safe for my pet?
A.  All Ingredients in Prozyme are human-food-grade.  

Q.  How do I administer Prozyme?
A.  For best results use Prozyme with every feeding for the life of your pet. Begin by providing a small quantity and gradually increase the dosage to the appropriate amount. Dosages should be doubled for pets eight years old or older.  

Q.  How much Prozyme do I need for my pet?
A.  Prozyme is available in a 200 gram bottle which treats 160 cups of food, and a 454 gram bottle which treats 363 cups of food.  

Q.  How long will it take to work?
A.  If Prozyme is taken consistently and properly, allow eight weeks to start seeing results. 

Q.  Once I see good results, should I continue to use the Prozyme?
A.  Yes! Pet food is enzyme poor. This is due to processing cooking. Without these enzymes, proper digestion usually does not occur. Use Prozyme for every feeding. Prozyme replaces these destroyed enzymes and allows proper digestion to occur.

Q.  Can Prozyme help work with pets of any age or with other health concerns?
A.  The enhanced bioavailability of the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids is beneficial for both young and older pets, pets who are not growing properly, and those suffering from skin problems, poor coat, excessive shedding, joint problems, immune, and digestive disorders, allergies, flatulence and other condition that will benefit from increased nutritional absorption.  

Q.  Can this be given to cats?
A.  Prozyme is beneficial for all pets.  

Q.  Will it make my pet gain weight?
A.  Because of the increase in digestibility of the food, you may need to decrease your pet's food intake to avoid weight gain. You can reduce the amount of food given by 20 to 35% if your pet does not need to gain weight.  

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