Pet Shedding Control: Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers for Dogs
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Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers

Evercare® Pet Hair Rollers
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Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How wide is the roller?
A.  The roll on the Pet Hair Pic-up is 4" wide x 6'' long.

Q.  Is it hard to remove the sheets? How hard is it to replace the roll?
A.  The sheets on the Pet Hair Pic-up are very easy to remove; it's as simple as removing tape from a roll. To replace the roll, all you need to do is pull the empty roll off the end of the roller and insert a new roll.

Q.  Can the Pet Hair Pic-Up be used for something besides pet hair?
A.  Yes, it can. The Pic-Up can be used on anything. For example, cleaning up sewing and craft areas.

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Customers Reviews


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