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KONG Zoom Groom

KONG Zoom Groom
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Pet brush works like a hair magnet to remove hair and dander
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does the Wet-Dry Supa Slicka work on short and long coats?
A.  Yes. The Wet-Dry Supa Slicka works both on short and long coats. When used on short coats, it helps to remove loose hair and distribute shampoo. On long coats, it works the shampoo in and helps to remove any tangles that bathing may have put in.

Q.  Does the Supa Slicka work equally well on wet and dry coats?
A.  It works equally well on short coats when they are wet or dry, but works best on long coats when the hair is wet.

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Customers Reviews


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