Flea and Tick Products: Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs
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Preventic Tick Collar

Preventic Tick Collar
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I use the Preventic Collar with topical flea and tick products such as Bio Spot?
A.  Maybe. In some cases, you can use Bio Spot® Defense Spot On® along with the Preventic Collar. This is sometimes done especially in areas heavily infested with ticks. However, this may not be appropriate for all dogs, particularly those that are aged, pregnant, nursing or dogs with medical conditions. We recommend you always consult with your local veterinarian before combining flea and tick products. Please see our chart on Combining Flea and Tick Products.

Q.  Does it control fleas? Can I use a flea product with the Preventic Collar?
A.  The Preventic collar does not control fleas. Certain topical and oral flea medications such as Bio Spot® Defense Spot On® may be able to be used with the Preventic Collar (please see previous question). We do not recommend using a flea and tick collar with the Preventic Collar.

Q.  How long does the collar work?
A.  The manufacturer indicates on the packaging that the collar will last three months, but it may last up to four months. 

Q.  If the collar gets wet, will it still work?
A.  The effectiveness of this collar is not weakened with normal wetting. It is not recommended to bathe your dog with the collar on. You would simply need to remove it before you start to bathe and replace when finished.

Q.  Is this collar safe for my dog to wear and my kids to pet the dog while wearing it?

The Preventic Collar is safe for your dog to wear, with the following precautions: 

  • If your dog loses the Collar at sometime, you need to find it and properly dispose of it to make sure it is not accidentally ingested. 
  • If your dog ingests part of it, consult your veterinarian.
  • It is safe for your kids to be around your dog with this collar on. The only thing that you need to be careful of is that they aren't having prolonged exposure to the collar like using the dogs neck as a pillow or holding onto the tick collar instead of the dogs regular collar. Should they inadvertently have prolonged exposure, they need to be sure to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Q.  What if I find a tick on my dog while the collar is on?
A.  The collar will prevent the ticks from attaching to your dog. You may occasionally find a tick on your dog, but the insecticide should kill it within 24 hours of biting your dog. Remember that a tick must be attached for 24-48 hours in order to transmit disease-causing organisms.

Q.  What is the ingredient that makes this work?
A.  The active ingredient in the collars is 9% Amitraz.  

Q.  Can my dog have a reaction to this collar?
A.  The collar may cause a skin reaction in rare cases; keep in mind that this can happen if the collar is on too tight.  

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