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Spectra SHIELD™ Flea & Tick Collar Attached Medallion

Spectra SHIELD™ Flea & Tick Collar Attached Medallion
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can my dog play in our nearby lake or ocean while wearing the medallion?
A.  Yes. The medallion should not be placed permanently in aquatic environments either through accidental spills or disposal. There is no harm if the dog plays in the water as the amount of active released from the tag is insignificant as no components of the medallion are water soluble.

Q.  Can the 4 gram medallion be used on a dog less than 14 lbs?
A.  A. No. The 4g medallion is not recommended for dogs under 14lbs. During development it was determined that the size of the 4g medallion was too large for dogs of this size, therefore no testing was performed and safety on dogs under 14lbs is unknown.

Q.  Can the 8 gram medallion be used on a dog more than 56 lbs?
A.  Yes. Due to the physics of the medallion, the 8 gram tag will work fine on very large dogs 150-200 lbs or more.

Q.  I have a dog and cat in my home and they often play together. Will the medallion cause any harm to my cat?
A.  No. The medallion only works on the dog because the dog wears the medallion 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There is little to no residue to be picked up from incidental contact by humans or non target animals such as cats living in the home with a treated dog.

Q.  What if my dog swallows the medallion?
A.  There is no toxicity issue because the medallion is passed before any significant amount of insecticide can be released from the tag. However we recommend that confirmation is made that the medallion has passed in the dog’s stool.

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Customers Reviews


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