Aquarium Water Quality: Poly Filters Filter Media
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Poly Filters

Poly Filters
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The Secret to Avoiding Algae
The single most annoying problem in your aquarium is likely the ongoing battle against algae. Left unchecked, it can cover the glass making viewing impossible. Read how controlling phosphate plays a role in controlling algae in aquariums.
The Benefits of PhosBan Reactors
The presence of algae is a normal part of keeping an aquarium. However, aggressive algae growth is a good indication that your system is out of balance. Use chemical filter media to remove excess nutrients that help algae thrive.
Product Spotlight: PhosPure
One of the easiest ways to eliminate poor water conditions is to remove pollutants from the aquarium water. Removing phosphate and other pollutants in aquarium water will also effectively reduce many of the nutrients algae needs. PhosPure can help.
1. Mechanical
Mechanical filtration can greatly improve the health of most aquariums, and is also important for the efficiency of your biological filtration. The process is simple: mechanical media strains solid debris.
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