Aquarium Filters & Water Quality: Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter
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Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter

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Eheim Pro 3E Canister Filter
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Intelligent new generation of aquarium filters
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Media Upgrades for your Canister Filter
Aquarium canister filters boost exceptional filtering capacity. However, did you know they are also extremely customizable? Learn how to customize your filter to remedy specific water quality concerns.
Compare Brands
Whether you're setting up a larger aquarium or simply want to upgrade your existing filter, the versatile and reliable nature of a canister filter makes it a great choice. Use the following chart to determine which canister filter is right for you.
Benefits of Aquarium Canister Filters
A canister filter is a sealed container filled with various filter media. The principle advantage of canister filters over power filters is their roomy media baskets which can be filled with a variety of filter media to create custom filtration.
Who Needs One?
Quiet, convenient canister filters are inconspicuously located under your aquarium. All the canister filters we offer are customizable, and can hold a large amount of media (mechanical, chemical, and biological) in varying combinations.
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